About my self :

My name is huda and I am a student at princess NORA university  in the fifth level at the faculty of business administration . I started my life with big dreams I want to be a successful and influential person I would like to be a good speaker in forums and seminars. I love the business sector and I seek to gain experience and knowledge through my studies until I achieve my dreams. I chose this department because I see in it  what combines my passion and ambition. I love the business world in all its sectors and enjoy its study, every day learning new thing and new idea ,preparing business plan and Feasibility study , how to chose the market and your audience all of these title Attracts me and draws my attention , I really want to finish my studies after I have acquired enough experience, and start realizing my dream of being a good speaker in my field . 

About the speaker:

I attended a lecture on Monday ,29 of October at the theatre of faculty of business administration . the lecturer is Maha Al hudaithi . Maha is a successful woman with a vision and a dream. She talked about her ambition and how she took a long time to reach it . When she finished her computer information system  studies at prince  Sultan University she decided to study management for a master’s degree but she knew about marketing communication  and its sciences and found her inspiration in it so she decided to study it , maha is a risk taker started from she chose another field to study it which is different from her department and chose unordinary field for women . she inspired me when she advice us to love what you do Because I believe that when a person do what he loves, he will be able to achieves the best results.

About the skills:

The good speaker should have some important characteristic . to support  him , reach the object and convey the idea to listeners , this characteristic may include : passion ,  leadership skills ,communication skills, seeking opportunities ,confidence , risk taker , personal development , speaking skills ,focusing the main title that he talk about and The ability to engage in dialogue . MAHA AL hudaithi was a good speaker she applied these characteristic successfully. she influence us by her skills to achieve her dreams . and the most important skills that impact on me : communication skills and confidence . because I want to be a famous speaker in my field I know how much its important to learn these skills by the right way and apply it in my work .  

communication skills :Can be defined as a set of skills that the individual uses to rely on to successfully convey the idea or deliver certain information to another person through various means, either through written text messages or through oral messages or through body language such as facial expressions, etc. This skill is one of the most important skills for a good speaker. Whatever the subject is talking about or the idea he wants to deliver. The audience will not understand what the speaker wants to convey. The speaker must be frank, unbiased, clear: in the sense that there is no chance of misunderstandings, and this requires verifying every word and phrase used. Briefness and abbreviations: This is by deleting useless information, which is just a filler plus does not achieve the goal of communication .

So the good speaker should improve these skills to reach his goals , In this video we discuss how to develop this skill :

The second most important skill is confidence, if The speaker seeks to excellence, he should trust himself first, and what he says Second, and this confidence must appear on his actions and words, but it does not reach the degree of vanity, and things that help the person to self-confidence, to overcome the anxiety and tension, and not to exhaust himself before the dumping, physical readiness is of great importance, and to trust his abilities, especially in the subject that will talk about him, and that he is familiar with all aspects, says Bob Jerry born: (Talk like you’re talking to one person, and do it even if you’re talking to hundreds at the same time). without it the speaker’s quality will not be complete , it is acquired, developed and not born with a human when he born, so any speaker can develop this skill by several ways such as : Training – Search for what is new in all areas – Reading – Follow up cultural and economic news – Time management – Managing personal crises with a focus – not making decisions in difficult circumstances , All these points and others help increase self-confidence so that the speaker can stand on the stage confidently and speak boldly



In this video five steps to How to NOT Get Nervous Speaking in Front of People and being confidence :


In conclusion, everyone in this life has a certain dream that he wishes to reach. Some feel that he does not have a specific goal or dream. Sometimes we need to stand with ourselves and think about our situation. What do we love? Where do we find our passion? And what satisfies this passion. Always look for yourself, discover his likes and try to reinforce him with the necessary skills .



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project failure Reasons and how to prevent it


The project establish is the most difficult operations that the companies do it because  It requires efforts and technical specialties and a high level of coordination between these parties during their various phases beginning with the stage of thinking and planning needs . And the Economic feasibility study  followed by the design phase and the preparation of drawings, maps and technical specifications, and ending with the stages of implementation operation and maintenance. Most of the  projects face many problems and obstacles that lead to delays and not to benefit from them  in a timely manner. In this article we will discuss the most important reasons for the failure of projects:


Poor Preparation:

We  need to have a clear picture of the project idea what is about ? how to prepare it ? we also need to understand how is the success project looks like at the beginning . without preparation the project will failure, we will see this failure on the cost, time and product quality in the operation of production  . It is also possible to include poor preparation of the absence of the appropriate team for the tasks of the project, and may be the goods or services provided do not need in the market so the Companies need to prepare marketing research and forecasting for demand to determine the target customer .

Bad Leadership:


What do we mean with the words leader is not only the project manager ,  it is all the people of each level of the management take the responsible to ensure that the project is successful, however Bad leadership includes lack of knowledge of leaders and their ability to dealing  with crises and their ways to solve them, The lack of expertise that are necessary for the project will  lead to the project failure. On the other hand When the leader  neglected the development and training that’s will  leads to a small number of customers and a low sales and therefore failure. the leadership role is to improve and develop the employees and Division the roles between them when this is missing that will occur  a lot of problems even if the company prepare a strong Preparation . bad leadership will  destroy all efforts .

 Inaccurate Cost Estimations:

As we know is very important to planning for everything in your project As estimated costs for the project, when the necessary resources run-out the project will stop and failure . because of the wrong estimate in the first steps.

 Taxes  problems:

Some types of projects that Depends on personal finance, such as small projects, are  affected by taxes. The irregularity of the accounts of the project gives the tax institutions an opportunity to use the negative assessment. actually The lack of adequate data on each facility restricts the work of the tax authority, forcing it to use certain systems on these establishments .

the  Competing :

Services provided by the project may have an equivalent or similar services  in the market. Therefore, competition is a prominent factor in the failure of projects, each project must achieve the competitive advantage to distinguish the market and most of its competitors. Competition may be in several forms: inability to compete with foreign products, services of similar large firms, competition between national products and imported products.

 Cultural differences in global projects:

Cultural differences may be related to project personnel such as suppliers , multi management or to the customers . Some countries or cultures prohibit certain commercial activities and prohibit them for a variety of reasons, such as a common custom, known ethic, religious, racial or sectarian distinction All these reasons may limit the commercial activity of the project and lead to its failure so the  cultural differences diminish the project’s ability.


There are no specific reasons for the failure of projects and not limited to the mentioned. Scientists and experts determine the reasons for the failure of projects according  Organization’s situation and the special reasons that led to the failure of its projects
In general, we mention in this video the most important reasons for the failure of projects:


in my opinion the Strong preparation in terms of administrative staff who have experience and skills can prevent project failure each organization intends to undertake a new projects  should  bring themselves with a strong management and members have the experience and skills . A strong management will help the organization make the right decisions and invest in good projects, and skilled leaders will organize work between staff and split tasks correctly. Organizations deal with global companies of different cultures and civilizations so they must understand and flourish on other cultures and understand the difference so as not to make mistakes and fail

at the end establishing projects is a long and complex process that is likely to be a mistake and a failure in the first attempt, managers should limit these mistakes by development and improvement .



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discuss the importance of managerial skills for an entrepreneurs ?


Entrepreneurs are a key role in business growth and development, so they always need training and skills development to achieve the best results. Management skills are among the most important skills they need , When they follow these skills, performance will improve and lead their organizations to success, the most  prominent of these skills are

Time management :

successful entrepreneurs have the ability to manage their time to do tasks such as : participate in economic forecasting and market research . also manage their own life and the social needs . its very important to balance between work and home, time is the main resource People and monetary funds come and go, but Time never stops for anybody. And that is the reason why a good entrepreneur must understand the true value of time.

Doing the business plan is an important step in any project as we know because the all project depends on , business planning is one of  the managerial skills that developing the entrepreneurs this include  accounting for growth and development, taking on employees, financing operations

Employee Management

Its very important to hiring the right people in the right place , training works to improve their performance and provide them with new skills and abilities that are suitable for changes in the business environment and being interest about the job satisfaction of them .all these activities impact on the organization so the successful entrepreneurs should  learn this skills


Customer Management

The customers are the main part in any organization so we need to dealing with them right and keeping them because of the revenue from them make the business alive and have a lot of activities so the successful entrepreneur is who can manage the Relations between them

Sales Management

The sales sector is the biggest influence on the business and the way the company grows and earn profits, the entrepreneurs must be able to sell the product or service and achieve wide spread and then make a profit, and they can also win customers who invest in their company


Financial Management

The managers need to review the financial statements of the company and know the financial activities, especially if the company is in the stage of growth and plans to expand, and if the manager has appointed a financial accountant to do these things, but he must review it by  himself. The good entrepreneurs must have the skills to save the Financial position

As we mentioned previously, some management skills that lead the entrepreneurs to  success, when the entrepreneur master these skills they achieve full success in their  work, time management ,customer and finance management , and  the others are all affecting the work of the organization. So it is very important to them to learn it and do it in their work. When  they do it how its will affect ?

They will have the Opportunity to make new projects or investment  by Openness to a new environment and take new idea and skills ,also by the market research . another affecting  is the value of the information that they collect it , good manager try to take the right information from good Source so they can take their decision better than Their competitors . decision making is an important step in any company should be acording to many research even if its in long term or short tearm , sucses entrepreneurs know the important of the time and how its impact the decision . The skill of leadership and management is an important   for any successful entrepreneur, after working on it and developing it can lead the team successfully and achieve the goals, entrepreneurs can learn through experience and formal education on leadership techniques.

In this video Patrick  bet david  discusses the importance of managerial skills and how its affect success, and the difference of performance between those who possess these skills and those who do not


in the end we summarize the information as follows

Leadership skills are important to be available in all members of the organization from managers to employees, doing jobs with the application of skills helps to achieve goals in the best images and develops the performance of the organization





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مقالة أولى على المدونة

هذه هي مقالتك الأولى تمامًا. انقر على رابط تحرير لتعديلها أو حذفها، أو بدء مقالة جديدة. استخدم هذه المقالة، إن شئت، لإخبار القراء عن سبب إنشاء هذه المدونة وما الذي تخطط للقيام به من خلالها. إذا كنت بحاجة إلى المساعدة، فاطلب ذلك من الأشخاص الودودين في منتديات الدعم.